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xtra cash is designed to simplify the process of earning fast cash. with its trained, friendly staff, xtra cash can instantly deposit any type of check directly into your bank account: *learn about our restrictions. do you have some xtra cash until your next paycheck? we have it for you here at xtra cash. simply present:

* name & address of person for approval of loan. to ensure accuracy, provide this information. for example, your full name or your company name. please note that we only allow credit card applications via the internet.

* identification of job. for faster approval of loan, you must be employed. please provide your job information. you can also provide bank statements and pay slips if applicable.

* amount of cash needed. you must provide the amount of money you need to borrow. this will speed up the approval process. if you are borrowing a large sum of money, we may require you to have collateral. for example, real estate or other valuable property. you will be required to sign an agreement with xtra cash giving us permission to collect the loan if the property becomes inaccessible or in bad repair after termination of the loan agreement.

* submit required documents. submit all relevant documents required for the loan such as proof of income and monthly expenses, when applying for xtra cash loan. keep in mind that fast approval is dependent on these documents. the processing time may vary. to expedite the approval process, submit all documents at once.

once you submit all required documents, follow up. be sure to check if your loan has been approved within the specified time. once approval has been gained, check your loan agreement. read and understand the terms and conditions stated clearly. review the approval notice provided to you and study the fine print. it is advisable to ask help from a financial expert during this stage to avoid misinterpretations and mistakes.

* compare low interest rates. many lenders offer competitive interest rates for the amount of money borrowed. use the internet to compare different loan providers in order to get the best available rate. do not select the first lender you come across. take the quotes offered by at least two companies to increase your chances of getting the best interest rate.

when you have completed processing, check your approval email. if you are approved for the loan, it should be delivered within 24 hours. upon approval, you should receive a check in the mail. xtra cash is a convenient and quick way of obtaining fast cash.

if there are any problems or doubts regarding your loan approval, you should immediately contact customer service at xtra cash. you can clarify all your doubts about your loan application and obtain clarification on approval. this will help avoid missed or delayed payments and keep you on track to pay off the debt as soon as possible.

credit check: a credit check is usually a pre-requisite for most loans. xtra cash does not use credit checks. this means that anyone can apply and receive approval. however, some requirements may apply. xtra cash is not responsible for late payments or other consequences resulting from credit checks. always ask about their credit check requirements before you begin signing on the dotted line.

* mailing paperwork. fill out your loan application and all the necessary documents required. be sure to include proof of income and employment. also provide a copy of your id and utility bills. mail everything to the lender with postage paid postage.

* keep it faxed. your lender may request faxed or emailed copies of your bank statements and pay stubs if applicable. faxing them is often an automatic approval process. this is especially convenient if you need money quickly.

* follow up. once you have received approval for xtra cash, you should call and confirm your acceptance. make sure you tell them when you need the money to cover the loan by including a copy of your pay stub. also ask for a credit check. you can avoid delays in the approval process by following up right away.

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